Benefits of a Ceiling Fans During the Winter

Ceiling fans are one of the smartest solutions when it comes to achieving a comfortable, energy-efficient home. In fact, ceiling fans have been helping to heat and cool residences for more than a hundred years. By circulating warm air in the winter, ceiling fans effectively reduce the demand of a conventional heating system.

Ceilings Fans and Energy Efficiency

Ceiling fans increase the energy efficiency of your home during the winter. Warm air from your furnace rises and collects at the ceiling, where it doesn’t do you much good. By flipping the switch on your ceiling fan so it turns the other direction, you eliminate the stiff breeze it creates, but still benefit from the air circulation it provides. All that warm air up at the ceiling is conveniently recirculated throughout your home.

Ceiling Fan 101

The amount of air a fan moves depends on its construction and placement. The number, length and pitch of the blades are important, as is the fan’s distance from the ceiling and the revolutions per minute delivered by the fan’s motor. More blades, bigger blades, steeper fan blade pitch, and more powerful motors provide you with the biggest returns.

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Ceiling Fans – Placement

First of all, a fan should be installed in the center of a room, where it can provide the widest area of circulation, though be careful that blade tips are at least two feet from walls or sloped ceilings. You can mount your fan flush or suspended from a drop rod, depending on how high your ceilings are. In order to avoid injury, however, you’re well advised not to mount your fan lower than seven feet from the floor. Any lower than that and you could lose a finger or two stretching when you stand up from the couch.

Ceiling Fans – Installation

Fans can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer, though since installation involves working with electricity it’s important that you understand basic electrical work and safety before you tackle this job. If you have any doubts about your ability to get it done safely, you can hire Mr. Mighty Chicago Electrician to come in and install your new fans for you.