Q: Do you give free estimates?

A: “Free Estimates” Please investigate ‘claims’ of “free estimates”. More often than not these individuals or companies are hiding an HOURLY RATE or HALF HOURLY RATE OF $ 69.95 to $ 129.00 for the first HALF HOUR!, So much for Your “Free” Estimate. Many of these so called electricians are unlicensed and un-insured. You may save a few dollars in the beginning but for a boat load of heart ache and trouble not to mention the safety hazards posed by having some one other than a Licensed Professional do Your Work.

Before You choose a “Free Estimate” guy, ask Yourself, Will he give me a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? Do they keep that on file and do they offer it in writing?

We are UPFRONT about our dispatch fee because we feel it is a small amount to ensure you are getting a qualified technician in your home. Aren’t you a bit hesitant to have a company in your home that will charge you by the hour for work without knowing what the total job cost will be?

When our electrician knocks at your door, many costs have been incurred to get him there ready to do the job. An efficient customer service department to dispatch trained technicians on stand by to respond to your emergency calls. A fully stocked van, our “warehouse on wheels”.

In addition to the cost above, there is:

  • The proper test equipment
  • Travel time
  • Insurance, fire, theft, property,workman’s compensation, health insurance

As you can see, there are many costs involved with running an efficient service and repair company. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE

Q: Can you give me a ballpark price?

A: We have found that ballpark prices over the phone are rarely in the customer’s favor. We prefer to be reputable and arrive at your home and evaluate the situation and give you an upfront straightforward price. We prefer to be a cut above the rest and not give you a low price to get in your home and then up the prices based on, an on site inspection of the problem, as most other companies do.

Q: Am I obligated to accept the estimate?

A: You are under NO OBLIGATION to accept the estimate(s) provided.

Q: How many technicians do you send on a service call

A: Most of the time we send one technician. In some cases two technicians are necessary or more economical than one. In these cases, of course, we send two. We will always meet the need whatever it may be.

Q: When can you get someone out to my house?

A: At Mr. Mighty Electric we know that your time is a precious commodity. That is why we offer same day service and 24/7 Emergency service. We will do our very best to get a technician to your house as quickly as possible. Our technicians will arrive in a truck stocked with thousands of parts, our very own “warehouse on wheels”. So when the technician arrives, it is highly likely he will have the parts needed for the call. If for some reason we have to leave your home to go purchase any parts, our time will not be charged to you.

Q: Can you fix the problem the same day?

A: We will make every effort to do so. More often than not we can fix the problem very quickly the same day. Some problems require a city or county permit, an inspection, or the power company to do work and we have to work with these entity’s schedules. However, we will always keep the line of communication open to you, so you will never have to wonder what is going on.

Q: How long will the work take?

A: While it’s impossible to always pin point the exact amount of time, our technicians are not trained to stay at your home for the longest amount of time so that it will cost you more. They are trained to make the repairs quickly, efficiently, and effectively. There is no one who fixes it faster than us.

Q: Why can’t you bill me? Why must I pay now?

A: Billing causes increased expenses and increased overhead. If we were to bill you, our rates would have to be substantially higher. We have decided to continue offering you our highest level of service at the lowest prices possible by collecting at the time of service. In order to make the payment process convenient for you. we offer a variety of payment methods. Remember, we offer 100% satisfaction with our service, so we will always make you happy and make sure you are satisfied with what you pay for.

Q: What method of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, credit, debit, and we also offer financing.

Q: How can I know how much this will cost?

A: Ask Us! We don’t want to surprise you with a higher bill than you expect, anymore than you want to be surprised. Once we have evaluated your electrical problem we will give you an upfront price to fix it. We always charge by the job, not by the hour, so our customers know what the cost is before we start the work. If it takes us longer then expected your not charged, our technicians are trained to make the repairs efficiently which saves you time and money.

Our Competition – They price by the hour, the longer it takes the more they get paid? At the end of the service call they tell you how much material and labor it was, and you have no choice but to pay it. That’s not fair.

Remember, electrical wiring is not a hobby! Many of the serious problems we see are code violations in wiring installed by a “do it yourself-er” or homeowner with some advice from “the guy at the hardware store” or a handyman. These problems often come to light when a property is being sold and a real estate inspector requires expensive repairs. They can also be a fire, safety, or electrocution hazard.

Please always hire a licensed electrical contractor for your safety. Also, keep in mind price should not always be the determining factor when you choose a contractor. Instead, choose a contractor with worker’s compensation and liability insurance. The company should have employees who are trained, drug tested and background checked. Also, make sure the contractor will warranty their work and will be there when you need them. Keep in mind when you shop for price, you may have to pay twice. You can always count on Mr Mighty.

Q: What else does Mr. Mighty Electric do?

A: Nothing! Unfortunately all we do is electrical repair and service. We are not one of those national companies that does everything, and often the guy doesn’t know what he is doing. We do one thing, and do it very well, that’s our goal each time and every time.

Q: What are your guarantees?

A: We are so confident we will do the job right, we are willing to say that if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you don’t have to pay us, anything. That is how we guarantee our work, and we state that on every invoice.